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Version: 6.0.7

Interactor Engine

Why Interactor Engine?

Interactor Engine makes building service integration and user-defined automation simple and fast.

It provides a standardized APIs for all the integrations, hiding the complexity of each different service specific APIs.

It's perfect for companies that wants to scale up number of supported apps for their users.

Trying to build and managing app integrations on your own can take precious resources away from your core development.

A company's existing product and UI can interface with Interactor Engine through a well-defined set of HTTP REST APIs. Interactor® CLI is also provided to simplify the creation and management of their custom services.

What is Interactor Engine?

Interactor Engine is the configuration and execution engine of Interactor®. It is available as a standalone product for companies that are looking to have their own user interface (UI) for native app integration and/or user-defined automation.

Interactor Engine provides set of APIs that makes building app integrations and user-defined automation easy.