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Version: 6.0.7

How to Deploy Interactor Engine

Deployment environments

The Interactor engine deployment can be a documentation site is a static site hosted by GitLab Pages. The deployment is done by the Pages deploy job.

The website hosts documentation only for the currently supported GitLab versions. Documentation for older versions is built and uploaded as Docker images to be downloaded from GitLab Docs archives.

User Defined Automation and Native App Integration are at the core of Interactor® design.

Interactor® is designed to serve the needs of companies that are enabling their various stake holders to create and manage custom automation within the company's infrastructure, integrated with various external applications and connected services.

The product may be applicable to

  • SaaS companies enabling their users define custom automation within their online service
  • Enterprise software companies adding user defined workflow to their product
  • Telecommunication companies allowing their employees to create custom applications to operate their infrastructure and services, defined and developed by each team

Following pages describe the main use cases

  • Native App Integration
  • User Defined Automation